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Meet Viks GT- the Lamborghini inspired commuter

The new sharp looking Viks GT is inspired by Lamborghini.

When Indrek built the first Viks bike, it wasn’t long until he got an idea to make a sharp looking version of a Viks commuter. A bike we just launched under the name Viks GT.


Does it look familiar? Well take a closer look as this is not your ordinary Viks bicycle.


© Felix Laasme / Hooligan Hamlet

The “Lamborghini” has the same geometry and size as regular Viks bicycles, but the first time in history VIKS IS ENTIRELY MADE OUT OF ALUMINIUM ALLOY, making it 40% lighter than the regular Viks. This also gives us the opportunity to enter the attractive market of sub 10kg urban commuters. Where are we making them? Well, still in our good old Viksfactory in Tallinn, Estonia, so #handcraftedinestonia is still a solid promise!

img_2377-1024x768 viks-inspired-by-lamborghini-in-life-3-2016-1024x768

This edgy and bold looking version of Viks was inspired by the sharp edges and triangles found on the design of Italian Lamborghini supercars. Compared to curved corners of regular Viks, this version has sharp edges and aluminium alloy frame, which makes it 40% lighter than the usual Viks.


© Felix Laasme / Hooligan Hamlet

The idea came up quite early in the beginning when first Viks bicycles were made in 2013. But it took us until late this summer to actually build the very first Viks Gran Turismo. We decided to give the Viks GT a Lamborghini yellow (Giallo Midas) finish and show you, how similar the bike looks to the car.

l77-1024x576 viks_valik_1-3021-1024x682

© Felix Laasme / Hooligan Hamlet


© Felix Laasme / Hooligan Hamlet


© Felix Laasme / Hooligan Hamlet


© Felix Laasme / Hooligan Hamlet


© Felix Laasme / Hooligan Hamlet


© Felix Laasme / Hooligan Hamlet

The photography work was done by talented Estonian creative crew Hooligan Hamlet and their photographer Felix Laasme.


Viks team (exluding our welder Tarmo) doing some traditional squatting © Felix Laasme / Hooligan Hamlet

There will be a patch of specially made aluminium GT frames in different Lamborghini colors and frame sizes available. If you want to be among the first to ride the Lamborghini inspired Viks GT, then do not hesitate and write us or visit your local reseller.


© Felix Laasme / Hooligan Hamlet


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